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Are you looking for ways to become a better player in Escape from Tarkov? Many people and guides you may have read online might have told you that the only way you can become better in battle royale games is by playing and playing again. That is not the case with Escape from Tarkov.

Playing Escape from Tarkov may be a little challenging if you are a beginner in battle royale video games. The game itself is pretty unfriendly for new gamers looking to jump in for a quick game. If you don’t know the basics of the game, you will die during your first minute on the battlefield. 

Even though Escape from Tarkov has a hot battlefield, that does not make it unfit for new players. All they need is to know the basics of the game. Here are some tips and tricks that new Escape from Tarkov players can use to become pro players in less than a week.

1. Play with your friends

Many people play Escape From Tarkov as solos, but if you want to get the best out of your gaming sessions, you should think of playing it with your friends or people you know. Escape from Tarkov shines when you have a friend or a squad to back you up. 

When playing as a squad, communication is very important. The game still doesn’t have the ping feature that lets players seamlessly communicate with each other, but that should not spoil your fun. The entire team should be in a voice chat, whether it is via Skype, Discord, or TeamSpeak. 

When working as a team, you need massive amounts of communications because the game doesn’t have a minimap and nametags. 

You don’t have to worry if none of your friends or people you know are playing Escape from Tarkov. Escape from Tarkov coaching is a great way to add EFT pros to your squad. Legionfarm lets you play Escape from Tarkov with a top 0.01% EFP players as your teammate and coach. These players are real players and not bots. They will share with you some expert tips and tactics that you should use to loot more and make it to exit the map. Escape from Tarkov stats is showing that new players that have undergone EFT coaching work their way up to becoming pro players faster than other players. 

2. Use offline mode

The offline mode provides new players with a place to try out their weapons and learn how to aim at Scavs. This mode does not record anything. Players can shoot as many times as they want, and they won’t lose anything when they go back to the main menu. Players can even die when playing in the offline mode, but everything will be back as it was before they went in. The offline mode also provides new EFT players with a place to learn more about Escape from Tarkov maps.

3. Play as a Scav

One of the best ways to save money when starting Escape from Tarkov is playing as a Scav. You can’t always play as a Scav because there is a cooldown timer on them, but you are sure that you will be making out with a pure profit. There is no risk of losing your gear when playing as a Scav. It is the best option for new players that are afraid of losing their loot. Another reason for playing as a Scav when you are still a beginner is that the AI Scavs roaming on the map are less likely to attack you. 

4. The right way to loot

One of your main tasks in the game is to collect useful loot in a raid. The local Scavs and other players in the game make it much difficult to accomplish your task. They will attack you when you go close to these loots. Never underestimate your enemies. Even Scavs can attack and kill you. 

To avoid being attacked when collecting loot, you should only walk in an open space after you are sure none of your enemies is closer. Make sure to take cover when roaming on the map. 

Take everything that you find on the map. Unfortunately, your backpack may limit you. The best thing to do when you don’t want to risk your backpack is to snatch one from a defeated enemy and use it to carry your loot. 

Things like chocolate and lemonade may seem unworthy to collect, but you should not leave them behind. You can trade them with loots. 

5. Use insurance

Many Escapes from Tarkov players think that insurance is only for the rich players. That is not the case. Every new player should utilize insurance for a couple of reasons.

One of the reasons for utilizing insurance is because it is cheap. You only need around 10k rubles to insure all your gears. You don’t have to worry about your gears anymore. If they are insured, you will get them via insurance returns. 

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