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5 Simple Tech Improvements Which Can Update An Office Space

5 Simple Tech Improvements Which Can Update An Office Space

Every company needs a healthy office space. Not only is it simply nice to walk into a fully equipped, comfortable office on a weekday, it is also important from a productivity perspective. Recent studies have shown that employees are happier in a good office environment, and happier employees can be as much as 20% more productive, so it’s a win-win!

It’s not exactly hard to create a good office environment, either. Tech improvements don’t have to include high-performing AI robots or massage chairs at every desk. Instead, they can be small and simple, impacting the office in a subtle but very drastic way. Here are 5 that you should be aware of:

Broadband Connectivity

As the world continues to integrate 5G, the best companies are getting on board as fast as they can. With 5G influencing ordinary business operations and tasks – as well as marketing and communication – it is crucial that your business does not fall behind.

Not to mention, fast speeds and efficient processes will up the workrate of employees. No one wants to be waiting for an email to send for several minutes. Ensure that your broadband is updated and you have no employees pulling their hair out!

Engagement Programs

Employee engagement programs are crucial when it comes to maintaining a strong and happy staff-base. Not only do they offer incentives and rewards for performing productivity, but they give staff an ideal to work towards and a feeling that they are valued as a cog in the grander scheme of things. Programs like the ones offered by can achieve this, ensuring your office never becomes demotivated or disillusioned.

Air Conditioning

No, seriously. A 2021 survey found that an air-conditioned office can raise productivity by as much as 25%. It can also lead to less employee absenteeism. High employee absenteeism is obviously a negative for your business and the workspace, especially if you end up having to hire new staff and spend more expenses. That just goes to show, if you keep your employees comfortable with a simple tech improvement like this, they will reward you back.

Communication Platforms

Even in an office space, it can be difficult to keep on track of all your employees. Whether you are a small, medium or big business, tracking work-rates and ensuring every employee is connected is not always possible.

Certain employees can also get overlooked on the way, which will only damage the employee engagement program that you have put in place. Finding the appropriate communication app – such as Slack or Chanty – can ensure your employees are always connected and, just as importantly, you can track the work that they are doing and ensure they are coping with their targets.

Virtual Reality

Okay, this one’s not so simple – at least, not compared to an air conditioner – but with the digital world progressing at the speed of knots, VR has to be mentioned in this list. Over the last couple of years, remote working has come into the mainstream – which means you probably have a number of employees who are missing out on your new and improved office space! Technological advancements like VR tech can help with this issue, as well as drastically upgrade other areas of the office, such as training techniques, HR practices and product development.

Crucially, though, it can bring your remote workers back into the mix, allowing them to interact with employees pretty much face-to-face, even if they are outside of the office. For the employees in the office, this also helps to keep things practical and efficient, giving them a new, revolutionary way to interact with colleagues and clients alike.