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5 Men’s Eyewear Styles for Summer 2022

5 Men’s Eyewear Styles for Summer 2022

Remember when prescription eyeglasses were considered a nerdy thing? Well, that’s old news: today, the diversity of materials and formats guarantees a unique aesthetic. This has made glasses as important a fashion accessory as watches and jewelry.

While the same pair of standard glasses would last a lifetime in the past, today, there is the concept of seasonal collections. Famous designers produce differentiated frames that unite fashion and functionality in a single product. In addition to correcting vision, eyeglasses are more fashionable than ever.

If you think your frames are already out of fashion, or you never cared about them and want to get more trendy, take a look at five men’s eyewear styles that will be hot to wear in the summer of 2022.

1. Tac Glasses

Tac Glasses - 5 Men’s Eyewear Styles for Summer 2022

Tac glasses are sunglasses inspired by tactical equipment used by the Army – “tac” is short of “tactical.” They have recently been re-popularized because of users trying to reduce glare and increase optical clarity or color perception.

The model became trendy first because it is stylish (with many colors and modern looks) and then more sporty. Also, these are relatively inexpensive glasses: there are models on the market starting at $20.

The lenses of tac glasses are polarized. They block UV rays and reduce that excessive glare that can hamper your vision in delicate moments. That’s why this is the ideal choice for playing sports, fishing or hunting and driving on bright sunny days.

2. Rectangular Glasses Frames

Rectangular Glasses Frames - 5 Men’s Eyewear Styles for Summer 2022

Robert Pattinson’s role in the new Batman film has been trending, and so are the accessories he uses in the movie. Because of him (or Batman), rectangular glasses frames are going to be a popular accessory this summer.

This is an excellent choice for men to wear to work while maintaining a successful businessman look. And despite the commercial/professional appeal, the same format can be found in less traditional colors and designs, so you can use it also in a nightclub.

All in all, this is a timeless style in glasses frames for men. Because it’s a classic shape, they also look good on all face shapes – especially oval or more rounded faces.

3. Aviators

Aviators - 5 Men’s Eyewear Styles for Summer 2022

Another oldie but goodie, historically, aviator glasses appeared just before World War II, in 1936. They were developed so that airline pilots could protect their eyes while flying. That’s why they got the nickname.

Their bold and modern format ensured the continuity of the model until today, whether in glasses or mainly in sunglasses. If you’re a fan of the old-school style, they still sell those old-fashioned models with metal frames.

Today, aviator glasses are considered an elegant accessory for men and women, enhancing your facial features with charm and style.

4. Minimalist Frames

Minimalist Frames - 5 Men’s Eyewear Styles for Summer 2022

In essence, minimalism suggests producing purposefully simpler and clearer items, devoid of embellishments and other elements that might distract from their primary function.

Minimalism became a trend a few years ago, especially among young people. And minimalist frames started to be adopted to stand out from many branded products with exaggerated designs.

For example, rimless frames are an ideal option for hipsters or even adults who want to show that they are trendy. If you prefer something more traditional, opt for a minimalist titanium frame, which allows for a refined and classic look.

In sunglasses, the trend is even more versatile: you can associate minimalism in shapes with the use of colors.

5. Sunglasses with Colored Lenses

Sunglasses with Colored Lenses - 5 Men’s Eyewear Styles for Summer 2022

If you follow the news about celebrities, you must have noticed that stars wear sunglasses with the most varied lens colors – starting with yellow to more elegant colors, such as magenta.

Colored lenses are not just a fashion statement. Using different colors affects your vision in different ways. Some shades enhance other colors, while others reduce glare and block light. The right color for the right occasion can improve your vision range and even protect the health of your eyes.

This is a great way to add a subtle pop of color to one’s look. But don’t choose your tinted sunglasses just based on your favorite colors. Some shades are suitable for one purpose, and they don’t fit every occasion.

Five Ways to Look Better This Summer

Glasses or sunglasses are a must-have for any fashion lover. Even if you don’t need them to correct your eyesight, glasses are also helpful as a light blocker or a charming accessory that’s hard to miss.

So take advantage of the summer to buy a new pair of trendy glasses and update your look. The five styles presented above can be found in a wide variety of colors and materials. You will surely find the one that looks best on your face.

But remember that, like all accessories, eyeglasses are made to make you feel good and look good. Don’t buy a new model just to imitate your idol or some friend. Sometimes staying classic and subtle is the best way to look stylish.