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5 Easiest Ways to Earn Crypto in 2023 So Far

5 Easiest Ways to Earn Crypto in 2023 So Far

Everyone who ever ventured into the crypto world did it out of the desire to make money. However, not everyone ends up doing that. People in this category either gave up along the way or lost a lot of money to the market. Unknown to most, you don't always have to develop new ways to earn Crypto. Thanks to technology and the dynamic ecosystem, you can make money without wrecking your portfolio and even earn Crypto for free. Let us show you the top 5 easiest ways to earn Crypto in 2023, including the ones you can start without capital.  

  1. Airdrops 

Airdrops are free in either cryptocurrency or token form.Think of it like a free sample of a coin designed to pique buyers' interest and generate buzz. As a result, it is a handout that you do not have to pay for.

Startups in the crypto space use airdrop as a marketing strategy to reward traders in return for a small service. These services include retweeting a post by the company, following their social media accounts, and increasing awareness about the startup. Airdrops are promoted on social media, crypto forums, and the company's website, and the tokens or coins are sent to specific wallet addresses. Common airdrops include standard airdrops, bounty airdrops, holder airdrops, exclusive airdrops, and raffle airdrops.

One of the downsides of airdrop programs is that it is difficult to distinguish real airdrops from scam airdrops since they are free. Regardless, it remains one of the easiest ways to earn Crypto. As the saying goes, free beer is always the best, regardless of taste.

  1. Crypto mining 

Crypto mining is another lucrative way to earn Crypto in 2023. Like airdrops, you don't need to pay for tokens or coins. Mining, on the other hand, is technical and can be costly on its own.

“Digital mining” is the process of creating new digital currencies. Miners who process and commit these transactions to the blockchain's public ledger are rewarded with the newly minted tokens. As expected, the process requires sophisticated hardware and solving complex math problems, but it is profitable. For example, mining a block of dogecoin can earn you 10,000 dogecoins. 

Mining software is free if you have a computer to run it on. But you'll feel the heat on your electricity bill. One way to beat the cost is to join a mining pool like Slush Pool and run coordinated efforts with other miners. 

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  1. Staking 

Staking is distinct from the other three methods mentioned above in that it involves earning more money with cryptocurrency.Traders stake coins by holding onto them to maintain the security of the network and are rewarded with newly minted coins. 

When you stake in a crypto casino, you lock up a portion of your cryptocurrency for a defined period. It is like depositing your money in a bank or locking up your assets in exchange for rewards. Therefore, although you still own the coins, you can't spend them. The proof of stake network validates transactions with your stake and rewards you based on your stake and stake duration. If you don't have enough Crypto, you can join a staking pool to increase your potential return. 

  1. Play-to-earn crypto games 

Do you enjoy video games? Then this option is one to explore. Play-to-earn crypto games allow you to earn Crypto while having fun and playing some games.

The popularity of P2E games has exploded with the rise of Web3. The game uses blockchain technology to track player progress and reward them. Like all games, you must win, unlock levels and heroes and boost your ranking. For example, Axie Infinity rewards players with Ethereum for breeding and training Axies—little in-game creatures. Players can also buy and sell tokens and game items. Other popular P2E games include The Sandbox, Decentraland, Versailles Heroes, etc. Checkout 

  1. Crypto lending 

Crypto lending, or defi lending, is a type of decentralized finance that allows you to lend your cryptocurrency for fiat money or crypto. In return, the borrower pays interests called crypto dividends. This lending does not require an intermediary, and you don't need to go through a financial institution. Instead, you only need platforms that offer Defi lending services.

Crypto lending is viable if you desire to hold your asset until the price appreciates and interest rates increase. For example, if you have 10 bitcoins and deposit them into the platform of a crypto lending wallet, you can receive 3% interest every week or month. Borrowers can also stake their cryptocurrency as a security if they default on repayment.


There are many smart ways to earn Crypto without risking your money. Instead of the conventional method of buying and holding digital currencies, you can use any of the easy 5 methods above to earn Crypto in 2023. Although there are more than five options, we included a mix of free and semi-free alternatives that require you to put your money at risk in order to earn. Regardless of your chosen method, we recommend you do your research to know the risks involved and only invest what you can afford to lose.