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5 Budget Gaming Headsets for Students

5 Budget Gaming Headsets for Students

Headphones are an essential gadget for any student. Even before the coronavirus, almost every student in this world couldn’t imagine their daily lives without them. And now, attending online classes and exams is impossible without a good pair of headphones.

There are many types of them:

  • earbuds;
  • on-ear;
  • over-ear (open- and closed-back);
  • in-ear;
  • bone conduction;
  • noise-cancelling;
  • and some other unique models with innovative designs.

But these types are determined by their form-factor and suit different needs and personal preferences. For example, earbuds and in-ear are mostly used in daily trips and long journeys. Some people love to commute with their on- and over-ear on too, but it’s not always comfortable.

For sports activities, bone conduction and other special ones that are designed to sit tight on the ears are the best. They’re made for it, after all. And of course, for long sessions in front of the computer, most students choose gaming headsets. It’s because such headsets mostly fit all the needs.

They provide excellent situational awareness in games thanks to surrounding sound, and provide a decent quality of music, movies, and basically everything. They could be considered an ultimate audio solution for those who spend a lot of time in front of the screen.

Speaking about spending a lot of time on the computer, students just love to listen to music while studying. As said before, gaming headphones provide awesome audio quality, so you’ll surely feel the good vibes from your favorite songs while doing nerve-racking assignments.

To help you choose the right headset, we made this list of the best options on the market that any student can afford.

Razer Kraken X – $40

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Razer Kraken is one of the most iconic gaming headsets of all time. During the rise of eSports and the industry of videogames in general, these were the titans of quality sound, along with SteelSeries Siberia.

Yet, as we all know, Razer products usually come with a price. A price that not every student can afford. That’s why they have a “lite” version of every product. They may not have all the exclusive features of their original counterparts, but they are a few times cheaper and still provide the same good quality of their main functions.

Kraken X fits that exact niche. They have awesome audio quality on both games and music. The surrounding objects and movements can be easily felt while playing games in those, and the deep bass gives you chills when listening to favorite songs.

SteelSeries Arctis 1 – $40

SteelSeries Arctis 1 - 5 Budget Gaming Headsets for Students

Unfortunately, the legendary Siberia isn’t around anymore. It’s been almost 5 years now. Yet, SteelSeries has a lot of new models that come with all the modern enhancements and top-of-the-line quality in every aspect.

Arctic 1 provides users with a decent audio experience and has comfortable cushions that allow long gaming sessions with no discomfort. Yet, sometimes, the teammates won’t understand you due to the below-average microphone quality. Still, it’s an awesome option for its price.

HyperX Cloud Stinger Core – $25

rX Cloud Stinger Core - 5 Budget Gaming Headsets for Students

Cloud Stinger Core is a much cheaper option than HyperX’s famous Cloud model. This one looks a bit smaller and has a fixed microphone. Of course, it doesn’t fit on your head as perfectly as its expensive brother, but you will still never experience any fatigue. What is more, many users even say that it’s the most comfortable gaming headset they’ve ever tried.

The audio sounds natural but lacks only one thing – higher ranges. Sometimes, they may even be completely blown out.

Logitech G332 – $30

Logitech G332 - 5 Budget Gaming Headsets for Students

The form of these Logitech headphones may seem unusual to you because of their rectangular design. But don’t let it confuse you, as it provides a surprisingly incredible wearing experience. 

The quality of the microphone is very good for its price, just like every single aspect of this headset. It doesn’t retract, though. But you have the volume regulator directly on the left ear, which is very convenient.

MSI DS 501 – $25

MSI DS 501 - 5 Budget Gaming Headsets for Students

DS501 comes with a self-adjustable form factor. You just put it onto your head and ears, without having to fit every side for hours. The pad on the top and cushions are of high quality and allow for excellent comfort even during 8-hour sessions. 

The sound quality is amazing, and the microphone is not bad either. It can be retracted upwards whenever you need it. Also, there’s a small control switch to turn them on whenever you have an emergency that needs your attention, be it a roommate calling or a cat asking for food.

Final Words

Every single option in this list costs a reasonable amount of money, while still giving you the chance to experience all the brilliance of the modern sound design. Games, music, movies, or whatever you want to listen to in these will feel natural and won’t even feel like it’s coming out of a budget headset.