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5 Apps to watch live sports on your mobile phone

5 Apps to watch live sports on your mobile phone

As a sports fan, it’s always important to have a device nearby to check the latest football score, or the UFC schedule, and what's happening with the tennis and to see how your favourite rugby team is doing. In the past, you could only do this by watching it on your TV or laptop, but now it’s possible to watch it on your phone on the go. With many different apps available, you can quickly tune in to what is happening over in the French Ligue 1 or see how Nadal is doing at Wimbledon. So what apps are the best to keep up to date with live sport? Below we look into the top 5. 

Sky Sport App 

You have to pay a subscription to watch Sky Sports but the app is absolutely brilliant. With a few clicks of your screen, you can quickly jump from one football match to another, see how Formula One is doing or simply watch Sky Sports News to catch up on the sporting news of the day. Depending on the subscription you opt for, you can pay more to watch Sky Sports on your laptop, tv and your mobile phone. Sky Sports have access to a whole range of sports, some of which are very unique making them very popular if you enjoy sports which may not be so mainstream. 

BT Sports 

In the past, it used to all be about Sky Sports but now BT is quickly catching them up. By downloading their app and paying for their subscription you will have access to many live sporting events. Sports that you can watch live on the app include football, cricket, UFC, boxing, rugby, WWE, MotoGP and much more. Depending on the quality of your device some of the streams show the sport in 4K quality allowing for a very high definition viewing of the event. The app is easy to navigate and is very competitively priced. 

Amazon Prime 

A fairly new player to start showing live sporting events is Amazon Prime. In the 21/22 Premier League season they won the bid to be able to show 20 live matches on their app. They are hoping to show more in the years to come. Prime also shows other live sporting events including the PGA tour, Swimming championships, Tennis and much more. Before signing up, take a look at their app to see if they have any other live sports that you are interested in. Signing up for Prime also lets you watch their TV series and films. 


BBC’s app is great to use considering it’s free and throughout the year they show many live sporting events. The standard Premier League games aren’t shown, however, the internationals are and many finals like the FA Cup final. The tennis is shown when it’s the main grand slams like Wimbledon and so is the rugby, cricket, swimming and much more. As a free app, it’s always worth having it downloaded in case something is on the BBC that you didn’t realise at the time. Plus, by using the app you can watch their live tv programs and catchup – perfect when you want to watch Match of the Day. You can also use the BBC to just keep up to date on the scores without watching it live. 


Dazn is another new app that has recently been launched in the UK. Dazn is a sports app that is mostly for fight fans as it lets you watch some of the major boxing and UFC fights that take place during the year. You have to pay a small monthly subscription but this gives you access to live fights and over 250+ classic fights. Motor Sports, women's football and other sports are also available when paying for a Dazn subscription. We think Dazn is going to keep on growing and become a big player within the live sports industry. 

In the app store, there is a whole range of applications for you to watch sports from. Some companies have their own dedicated apps, whilst others use streaming services like Sky Sports, BT or Dazn. Depending on the sports you are interested in, make sure you do your research and check if the app you want to use does show it. Before downloading any app onto your mobile device, always check the reviews and make sure it’s legit software. There are many streaming services out there that try to stream the sports for free which they are not allowed to do and the quality isn’t very good. 

What apps do you like to use when watching live sports? Do you use any of the apps from the above list? What sports do you most like to watch? Is there anything you would like to add to the article that our readers could benefit from? Let us know in the comment box below. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.