4 Best Bitcoin Apps for 2019

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Bitcoin is the first kind of money which has benefits of both electronic as well as physical money. Just like electronic money you can easily transact from anywhere to everywhere in the world through the internet. Unlike physical money you have no concern with the 3rd party to confirm your transactions.

Bitcoin trading is the best way to trade without giving your data and maintaining your privacy. Even it is economical unbelievable but due to this international payments are easier and cheap because they are not tied to any of the country or state.

Let's see further advancement in the field of digital payments. If you're talking about inventions then the requirement of today’s world is to carry out fast transactions. This is where Bitcoin comes in handy.

Want to learn how to trade Bitcoins, but no idea where to start? A Bitcoin wallet is quite a necessity to store your digital currency. Above than this, if you can earn handsome profits from your digital wallets then this is a great bonus. Bitcoin Era review will help you out in understanding more which bitcoin app will suit you best.

While Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have a lot of potential for profit, there are been numerous security concerns over the years with massive thefts and lost encryption keys. Therefore it is essential you pick a reputable and secure service to buy/sell/store your crypto.

Coinbase – Buy & Sell Bitcoin. Crypto Wallet

Reviews by users show that it works better than the other sites. It will allow you to buy, sell, and trade Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ethereum, all in a better and secured way. Easier to get, with the help of your credit card, some cryptocurrencies.

Key features:

This app is best for following features:

Easy to use

Coinbase makes trading of bitcoin easy. All it takes is your bank account or debit card.

Smart kit

Get all time updates and features that help you build your knowledge, portfolio, and buys and price alarms.

Stay up-to-date

Keep track of your cryptocurrency, their dashboard features allow you to see prices and the value of your assets.

Highly secured

Your account is verified at bank-level security. Lock the app with a passcode, or disable your phone’s access to the app if it gets stolen.

Blockfolio – Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Tracker

Blockfolio is free Bitcoin & cryptocurrency portfolio tracker app. Bitcoin price tracking is easy now with this crypto tracking app.

Key Features:

Following features make this highly-rated app:

Updates directly from crypto teams

Leadership teams of the crypto coins update directly with curated signals. You can now have every latest news from the coin desk.

Crypto charts

View crypto charts with real-time order book information for each crypto coin. You can now compare prices with live crypto charts.

Price alerts

Crypto price alerts notified immediately when prices move. Set your alarms according to the rates you care about.

Stay up-to-date 

News from CoinDesk, Telegraph adds in your news feed. Track the latest Bitcoin trends before you invest in Bitcoin and other altcoins.


Lock the app with a passcode, Hide balance feature helps you to hide your information. Recover and can transfer your portfolio with 24 hours support team.

Blockchain Wallet. Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum

The Blockchain Wallet is unique due to its non-custodial. Only you hold the private sectors that control access to your crypto. Now with this invention, you can store, exchange without ever leaving the security of your Wallet.

Key features:

Best in the following features:


All cryptocurrencies can be traded with ease includes QR code support. It supports 21 languages.

Access to Markets

Trading of bitcoin in 36 countries, best-in-class exchange rates.

Historical Price Charts

Real-time historical price charts, compare prices with live crypto charts.


Two-Factor Authentication with backup service. 

Bitcoin Checker-all Cryptocurrencies

This app is not only for Bitcoin trading but for all CRYPTO and ALT. It allows users to check recent prices of all crypto-currencies on over 80 exchanges

Key features

This app is best for:

Customer support

Designed every part of the app according to customer needs. Not for drawing charts.

Get alerts

Several alarm conditions can alert you about current prices, ups, and downs in trading.


Synchronize currency pairs set with the exchange server. Bet notified about all purchases.


Display coin prices in subunits i.e. mBTC, uBTC, or Satoshi.

These were the best performing bitcoin apps for 2019. You need to select the one which fits your requirements and bring the most profit within your investment. Earning profits and finding a secure wallet for bitcoins is not a problem anymore with technological advancements. 

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