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2023 Dark Horse: Uwell Crown M Pod Mod Kit

2023 Dark Horse: Uwell Crown M Pod Mod Kit

Friends who are familiar with electronic cigarettes should pay attention to the fact that many new products have been launched recently. With the arrival of the new year, new vape products are also launched one after another. Among the many new products, uwell crown m pod kit stands out with absolute advantages.

The uwell crown m kit is a sleek and cool new device. Its appearance is very eye-catching. There are 4 American retro colors for you to choose from, each of which is classic and durable. It uses a cross pattern to decorate the shell, and the translucent material on the left side is convenient for you to observe the built-in circuit board device inside. A display screen that can display the current working state of the Hina is set between the shell and the circuit. The highly personalized casing and the scroll wheel that can be customized to adjust the output size will bring you a new visual and operating experience.

Although the overall body of this pod mod kit from uwell is small, it can provide you with advanced dual coil output mode. In this output mode, two different coils will work alternately, and the 0.8 ohm and 0.4 ohm coils will play their respective advantages, which also means that you can enjoy both MTL vaping and DTL vaping experience, Bring you more attempts and extraordinary feelings, and let you realize the freedom of electronic cigarettes.

Not only that, but the 1000mAh built-in battery will also provide the device with long enough battery life and power support, so you don’t need to worry about its battery life even if you go out. When the battery power is exhausted, you only need to enjoy a cup of coffee to quickly charge it with the type-c charging interface, so that it can continue to provide you with vape services and extend its service life. Crown M has a capacity of 4ml, which is believed to be able to meet the smoking needs of most smokers for two days.

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The most worth mentioning is that you will get the most compact and pure taste with this pod mod kit. Uwell's newly upgraded pro-focs flavoring technology will bring you carefully developed high-quality flavors, and restore the original flavor of e-liquid to the greatest extent. Even with the last drop of e-juice, you can get a pure and rich taste. When the e-liquid is exhausted, you only need to gently open the filling plug on the top to refill, without worrying about oil leakage, the operation is simple and clean. Such a stylish and functional device is sure to provide you with a pleasurable vape experience.

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