Twinkly Flex & Line Smart LED Lights Review – More customisation & creativity vs Philips Hue

I don’t really follow the tech trends for Christmas lighting, but it turns out Twinkly the Philips Hue of Christmas tree lights. The Twinkly range of lighting provides full smart control of your lighting and unlimited design options mapped to how you have placed your own lights. Twinkly has been expanding into more mainstream smart … Read more

Vonmählen High Six is the worlds smallest key chain charging cable with a USB-C to USB-C cable, a USB- A adapter, and 2 in 1 micro -USB/ lightning adapter

Carrying around USB cables when you are out and about can be frustrating. Best case scenario, you fork out for a 0.3cm cable on Amazon and inevitably lose it. That’s also just one cable, what happens if you need a lightning cable? It may seem like a niche scenario, but I quite frequently take out … Read more

Qualcomm Snapdragon 780G vs 778G Plus vs 778G vs 695 vs 690 Chipsets Compared

Earlier this week, Qualcomm relatively quietly announced three new chipsets. The Snapdragon 778G+, Snapdragon 695 and Snapdragon 480+. It is mostly a forgettable announcement following the similar routine we have seen from both Qualcomm and MediaTek the past couple of years. Very minor refreshes of existing chipsets. Qualcomm has announced so many chipsets this year … Read more

A fine selection of luxury smartwatches

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, and people can no longer imagine life without innovative gadgets. Smartwatches have been entering the market for a few years now and are becoming increasingly popular. In contrast to the past, consumers value a conscious lifestyle and want to integrate healthy habits into their daily lives. A small … Read more

Aqara Smart Hub E1 Review – A new affordable HomeKit compatible Zigbee smart home hub

This week, Aqara announced their latest Hub E1 and is the most affordable hub they have launched on Amazon to date. Currently, this would make it the firth hub they have on Amazon but they have around eight different hubs in total, which seems a little excessive. The new Smart Hub E1 is priced at … Read more

Xiaomi 11T Review – Is it as good as the OnePlus Nord 2 or Honor 50?

Launched earlier this month, the Xiaomi 11T series is positioned as an affordable refresh of their flagship Xiaomi MI 11 series. The new Pro model features the flagship SD888 and is the first phone to launch in the UK with an incredible 120W fast charge. The Xiaomi 11T I have reviewed today is the second … Read more

5 amazing gadgets to keep your family safe

With technology consistently developing at an impressive rate, there are many amazing gadgets on the market that can help keep your family safe and assist in your home security. Here, then, are just five of the best gadgets for protecting the members of your household. A comprehensive home security system Most people have some kind … Read more

How to Choose a Control Panel for VPS/VDS?

When creating a website for your business or blog, many questions might arise, such as what is VPS hosting? Do you need it for your site? Is it expensive? Luckily, you can learn everything you need to know about VPS hostings and pick up an affordable plan by clicking this link. is a provider that … Read more

Honor 50 Review – Now with Google but faces stiff competition at £449

Today, the Honor 50 finally sees its official UK/EU launch. It is quite an important phone, being the first product launch by Honor now that they are fully separate from Huawei. This now means that Honor can include Google Mobile Services on their phones with the extensive range of apps available on the Google Play … Read more

Google Tensor Benchmarks vs Qualcomm Snapdragon 888, SD888+ & Exynos 2100 – Another chipset with thermal throttling, but does it matter?

The Google Pixel 6 started shipping this week, being the first phone to use the custom Google Tensor chipset. This is the biggest upgrade for the Pixel series in years, and many people are already claiming that the Pixel 6 Pro is the best Android phone of the year. The Google Tensor uses some similar … Read more

How Blue Lift Affects Your Eyes & How to Reduce Blue Light if You Wear Prescription Glasses?

Over the past few years, we have become increasingly aware of the harmful effects of staring at computer screens and phones all day can cause. There are a variety of issues everyone should consider. Spending too much time online, especially social media, has been shown to be detrimental to our mental health. This is why … Read more

Best Electric Toothbrush for 2021 & What to Look out for on Black Friday

If you have been brushing manually for years and fancy upgrading to an electric toothbrush, you may be surprised just how techy and expensive these things get. Is a toothbrush worth £500? Is it better than a £25 option? I will let you decide. Electric Toothbrush RRP Scam If it wasn’t immediately obvious, the RRP … Read more

How To Protect and Secure Corporate Data Over The Cloud

There is no doubt that cloud technology has revolutionized IT systems in businesses all over the world. From data storage and computing to new printers from companies like Konica Minolta Australia, there are few pieces of tech in businesses that don’t feature cloud-based software. Much like any advancement in technology, however, there are certain security … Read more

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