Inateck Water-resistant Bluetooth Speaker Review

Inateck is a lesser known company that sells a lot of products on Amazon including USB hubs, HD docks, chargers and speakers. I was recently send their BTSP-20 water-resistant bluetooth speaker which is currently available on Amazon for a bargain price of £32.99. This is not an attractive speaker at all, and unfortunately I would … Read more

CES 2015: Bragi Dash Headphones – Truly wireless headphones.

Bragi is a little known company that launched a Kickstarter campaign nearly 12 months ago for a unique and possibly the ultimate concept for earphones. These little earpieces are completely wireless, connecting wirelessly to both themselves and your phone, they have 4GB of onboard storage, 3.5-hours battery life and a self-contained media player.

If that concept wasn't crazy enough itself Bragi hoped to also include sensors like an accelerometer, heart rate monitor and an oxygen saturation sensor.

The Kickstarter campaign was a massive success, with The Dash smashing its modest (and perhaps naive) original goal of $260,000. It went on to raise a total in excess of $3 million, making it the highest funded campaign in Europe.

This obviously sounds very much like guaranteed vapourware but Bragi have miraculously delivered a prototype to CES 2015. The prototype doesn't have any final software but the overall look and feel of the device is exactly that of the renders provided on Kickstarter.

Initial reviews seem positive though not a lot of word on how good the sound quality is, but I guess this is hard in the middle of CES. Hviid, the CEO, has worked with companies like Harman Kardon and AKG before so things are looking promising in terms of the sounds.

Pricing should be $300 in the States confusingly they charge $ for European orders even though they are based in Germany and you will incur VAT so UK orders will be $355.81 which is rather expensive, but these are a very unique product. Orders are expected to ship from April.

Available from

D-Link launch new ultra fast routers: AC5300, AC3200 and AC3100

The battle is on for the fastest WiFi speeds and the craziest looking router between companies like D-Link and Asus.

D-Link today just announced its  latest AC5300, AC3200 and AC3100 Ultra Performance models. On top of speeds up to 5.3Gbps for the AC5300 model, the 802.11ac devices features a very striking look that will certainly stick out if not hidden away.

In order to achieve these speeds router companies are having to use more and more antennas to achieve their performance which is aiding the alien like looks some of the new routers are starting to have.

The AC5300 has 802.11ac tri-band which can achieve speeds between 3.1 and 5.3 Gbps, along with Gigabit Ethernet, high-power antennas and onboard USB 3.0 ports.

You can control the devices with a smartphone or tablet, and D-Link also outed an optional DWA-192 USB 3.0 adapter, which connects to laptops and PCs to give them an 802.11ac connection.

D-Link also announced new PowerLine HomePlug kits, with speeds up to 2Gbps. The company says the DHP-701AV (2 Gbps) and DHP-601AV (1Gbps) adapters use the fastest two wires in a typical three-wire power installation with pushbutton connection for ease of installation and security.

No word on UK release dates or pricing just yet.