TomTom Runner Cardio Launched

We have blogged a lot about fitness gadget the past few months, as the whole industry has really taken off. Most of the gadgets are more lifestyle orientated that you wear all day, but there are also some big breakthroughs in specialist gadgets such as Heart Rate Monitors. TomTom have recently launched their new Runner Cardio watch, which unlike many HRMs in the past does not require a chest strap to monitor your heart rate. To promote it they have launched quite a raunchy video including Victoria’s Secret model Alexandria Morgan running using the watch, we found it quite enjoyable so you should definitely check it out.

Normal HRMs monitor your heart rate through  electrocardiographic technology to monitor your heart beating through the electrodes on the chest strap, they tend to be uncomfortable to wear, they are prone to moving about, losing connection and having random spikes and drops in tracking. The TomTom uses an optical sensor built into the watch itself, which is considerably more convenient, is apparently more accurate and is also less prone to false spikes in your heart rate readings.

The watch also has built in GPS, a motion sensor and compass it so you can track your runs accurately. It also has Bluetooth so you can sync your activities online with ease, and it should last up to 8 hours using both GPS and the heart rate monitor which should be enough for even the longest of runs.

To help optimise your training the watch has various other features built into it including tracking your time, distance, calories, pace and goals which allow you to set which intensity zone you want to work out in such as sprints, or fat burning.

Reviews of the device look very promising indeed and we hope to get a chance to review it ourselves in the future.

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