Samsung Galaxy S5 announced

Samsung has announced its latest flagship Android phone the Samsung Galaxy S5 which has had a pretty basic spec jump and only a couple of stand out features. Rumours speculated that it would have a 4k screen and octocore CPU however the new SGS5 has only had basic spec bump to include 5.1in Full HD … Read more

Sony sells VAIO PC business

It is a sad day for some, Sony has finally sold its VAIO PC and laptop arm to Japan Industrial Partners (JIP), with the final deal set to be done by the end of March 2014. Sony says there has been a drop in demand for its PCs and had little to show at CES … Read more

Tado Smart Thermostat Review: Is it the best alternative to the Nest?

Following Google’s acquisition of Nest Labs, smart thermostats have received quite a lot of attention, however, unless you live in the USA you won’t be able to get a Nest. There is little point importing one either becuase they don’t typically don’t work with our boilers and require complex hacks to get it functional. So … Read more