Hive Active Heating Smart Thermostat

We have been blogging a lot about smart homes and home automation really. Unfortunately a lot of these solutions are US based which can be a little frustrating to us Brits. One promising option for us is the Smart Thermostat from Hive. This is a device that will replace your current boiler thermostat and provide … Read more

Recommended Tech with Ortis and Tom AMD A10 Acer V5 552p

Check out the latest recommendation from Ortis as seen on the Gadget Show, and  Tom Richardson, reviewer at Today they are talking about the AMD A10 Acer V5 552p where they emphasise the stand-out benefits for stylish on-the-go work and play, as well as video calling.

The 15-e072sa has a quad-core AMD A10 5757M processor that runs at 2.5GHz with a on-chip AMD Radeon™ HD 8650G graphics. It has 6GB of RAM, a 1TB hardrive and the screen is 1,366×768 with multi-touch.

It is currently available for about £600 which makes it an excellent midrange laptop.

The Basic Big Friendly Mobile Phone with SOS By Fonerange

The Basic Big Button Mobile the best big button phone where in the era of social media ruling and widescreen handsets all over, its good to see a handset with the traditional usability and all away from the modern phones and a lot helpful for the senior citizens. However, this phone is a lot easy … Read more

Archos enters the Smart Home market

Another day and another company jumping onto the smart home bandwagon. This time the French company Archos have announced the originally named, Smart Home Solution. The platform is based around a tablet-like gateway and various sensors that users can place in and around their homes for remote monitoring. The gateway gathers information from up to … Read more

PlayStation Now will stream games to PS4, Vita, PS3, tablets and smartphones

Sony has just announced PlayStation Now a new service similar to OnLive which is based on the lesser known Gaikai which Sony acquired. This service will be a subscription model where games can be rented by title or subscription PSN features like multiplayer, online, trophies and messages. When you have rented a game you will … Read more

Razer Nabu fitness tracking smartwatch unveiled at CES 2014

Razer is predominantly known for its gaming orientated products but it has been slowly trying to diversify the past few years. At CES 2014 this year they have announced the Razer Nabu, which combines 2 tech fads at the moment, the smartwatch and the fitness tracker. “We are calling it a cross between a smartwatch … Read more