JBL Synchros Headphone Lineup Adopts a Scientific Approach

We have now returned from the JBL press even in Liverpool and it would seem that JBL are taking their headphones very seriously now. While at the event we learned that JBL have taken a very scientific approach to the new headphones employing Dr Sean Olive to head the science behind their headphones.

According to JBL there is very little published research on the perception and measurement of headphone sound quality with no meaningful standard on how headphones should sound. Therefore JBL set a goal of developing scientific methods to accurately and reliably measure the perceived sound quality of headphones.

Over the past year the Dr and his team produced 6 research papers on the topic and found in their tests that listeners of all age groups, genders and cultural background preferred a natural sound over the more common trend of base heavy headphones.

This led the JBL team to look at developing a technology that could mimic the natural spatial impression of stereo records that you would experience in a stage environment or a reference room. The end result was Live Stage, a technology they have introduced into their flagship headphones the S700. With Live Stage enabled the headphones will run the sound through a DSP alters the sound profile to be more like that of a true stereo experience.

Along with the S700 which retails at €349, JBL are launching 6 other headphones which implement varying degrees of the scientific research carried out above. These include:

S100: straight model now available for €79.99

S100: universal model now available for €89.99

S100: MFI model now available for €99.99

S200: now available for €129

S300: now available for €199

S500: now available for €299

S700: now available for €349

JBL also announced another headphone called the S400bt which is due to be released which will be a Bluetooth and NFC enabled wireless headphone, with on ear controls.


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