Data Security: Five Ways To Protect Your Business’s Data

You may not realise it, but your business’s data could be a potential goldmine for digital hackers. Customers’ personal and financial information, your company’s intellectual property; in the current day and age, hackers are constantly finding new ways to gain access to that data and turn it into cash for themselves. A recent survey revealed … Read more

How Microsoft are Leading Large Scale Cloud Adoption: The Xbox One and The Connected Experience

The cloud is coming. We’ve been hearing it for years now, we’ve seen all the signs, we’ve listened to the inexplicably spieling early adopters talking in a code that could scarcely be understood by the enigma machine, never mind us lot, and indeed we’ve watched the base technology evolve and grow and transform into a … Read more

Top 7 Uses for GPS Tracking Systems

GPS technology has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years as now, from the traditional method of navigating via a map, a simple looking piece of technology can get you to your destination on the shortest available route at well as avoiding any traffic jams spotted along the way. It’s not just car … Read more

The pick of the best tablets in 2013

Industry reports state that tablets are expected to overtake laptops in sales by the end of 2013. With tablet popularity increasing, so is the choice and here are just a few of the most popular tablets available on the market. Whether you are a fanboy or not, there’s no denying the popularity of Apple’s ubiquitous … Read more

iPhone 5c announced: Apples not so cheap budget iPhone

Along with the recently announced iPhone 5s, Apple announced its new budget phone, the iPhone 5c. This phone is basically the original iPhone 5 but with a plastic shell. The device features an A6 processor, 8MP camera and steel frame that’s coated in plastic. That frame will also act as an antenna for the radio. … Read more

iPhone 5S Announced with 64-bit Apple A7 chip and fingerprint scanning

The long anticipated iPhone 5S has finally been announced with many of the rumours about it being correct. In terms of specification the processors is a “desktop-class” 64-bit A7 chip with a promise of 2x general purpose registers, 2x floating-point registers, and over a billion transistors – twice as many as on the A6. Apparatly … Read more

Haier Pad Mini 8 PADD85

Haier is not a common brand in the UK, but they are huge in Asia for their white goods, however they are pushing into European markets and expanding their product line heavily to include TVs, Phones, and Tablets. We had chance to play with a few of the devices and they were surprisingly good, for … Read more

Microsoft buys Nokia’s devices for $7.2 billion

Microsoft have made a very bold step by purchasing Nokia’s Devices and Services unit, bringing the Lumia lineup under the Redmond roof. The move unites Windows Phone 8 with its biggest hardware supporter, giving the company the integrated mobile offering it’s been looking for with Surface and other devices. When the deal closes in the … Read more