AirPlay Compatible iPod/iPhone/iPad Speakers

When iOS 4.2 came out to update your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch it opened the ability for AirPlay functionality. Basically AirPlay was Apple re-branding its AirTunes feature allowing compatible products to stream your media from iTunes through your home network whether it be photos, video or your music from any thing running the supporting … Read more

Sony NGP : PSP2 to you and me


I’ve steered clear so far of any news about the PSP2 or the NGP as Sony call it (Next Generation Portable) until there was some solid info on the units themselves and when a “reliable” release date was issued, well here it is. Lets face it the PSP could’ve been the cat’s pyjamas but fell due the overwhelming popularity of the Nintendo DS with its strong games catalogue, innovative controls and general niceness that only Nintendo could bring. Despite it's abilities it just couldn’t nail that “boys toy” market. Home consoles were still the be all and end all and portable gaming just weren’t in if you were between 16 and 40 (therefore not wanting to play kids games or Brain Training). The PSP was promising though. It did plenty and had it’s own format (UMD) but Sony ditched that for the PSPGo which sadly did even worse than the PSP with UMD capabilities. Now mobile gaming is back at an all time high with the mobile phone technology getting exponentially better that the games on them are increasing in ability so how can Sony deliver with a new portable games console especially when its trying to nail the mobile phone games market with its own Playstation branded mobile phone. Hopefully with the NGP is how. Certainly on paper its got all the potential to be great but that’ll depend on how Sony push it, Click on to see what its got.

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Lenovo ThinkPad X220 Laptop and Tablet

Although these haven’t been officially announced by Lenovo they appeared on their website showing off two new models to its Thinkpad X line with the X220 Laptop and the X220 Tablet PC. The Full specs were shown in pdf format but sadly we didn’t get any pricing or release details but we can tell you … Read more

HTC Wildfire S, Desire S and ChaCha

HTC first previewed these phones last month at MWC but there was no price or release details to go with the phones. Essentially two phones (Desire S and Wildfire S) are sequels to two very successful phones that catapulted not only HTC but Android to the top of the mobile phone markets. Both were very … Read more

Samsung Galaxy Pro and Apollo

Samsung is again expanding its Galaxy Range with two new smartphones. A budget low spec one the Galaxy Apollo and the business style Galaxy Pro so now there’s a Galaxy mobile phone for all markets.   Galaxy Apollo : 3.14” 400×240 Capacitive Touchscreen 3MP Camera 600MHz processor Android 2.2 Froyo w/ Samsung TouchWiz interface microSD … Read more

Apple HDMI Adaptor : iPad 1/2 iPod touch and iPhone supported

Connectivity between your devices and your TV especially those with camera/video functions is a must these days with new PMPs and mobile smartphones with HDMI out ports so you can see your images and videos in fullscreen, HD goodness. This has eluded portable Apple owners for sometime although there has been the component out lead … Read more

Samsung Galaxy S II

With the meteoric rise of the smartphone, especially the iPhone and the BlackBerry it took a special phone from their competitors to match them. Samsung and Android did just that with the Galaxy S. A super fast, super bright smartphone  that did pretty much everything an iPhone can do and more yet still keep a … Read more