Nokia and Windows 7 get friendly.

Nokia, the top dog in mobile phones for so long, finally seeing it’s majority hold on the market slumping with the successes of Apple, BlackBerry and Android mobiles. Many have put this down to the fact it stuck with it’s Symbian mobile platform which didn’t improve as greatly as the other 3 companies operating systems. … Read more

Samsung Compacts : ST30 “party camera” & ST6500

Samsung has unveiled two brand new compact snappers the ST30 “party camera” a simple every day pull out and shoot compact and a slightly more upmarket snapper in the ST6500. Everyone loves cameras let’s face it and social networking has made the digital photo all that more while. Obviously mobile phones these days pack decent … Read more

One OS not enough? Try 3 : Evolve III Maestro Tablet

With all the abilities of the Apple machines (App Store, iTunes, FaceTime etc) and the sheer amount of peripherals available to them it’s hard for other tablet, phone and media player producers to get an edge on the “brand”. Apple’s products are just as much a fashion accessory as they are a gadget. I was … Read more