Motorola Olympus

Androidandme the blog for all things Android based has revealed some exciting news on a future Motorola device, the Olympus. With Motorola seeming to be behind the big mobile makers in terms of great phones, after it’s comeback with the Milestone, what’s next for Motorola.   Firstly the Motorola Olympus has had some spec leakage. … Read more

Sequel to the Dell Streak : Dell Opus One

Dell the computer giants not so long ago delved into the smartphone industry and came out with a top drawer phone in the Dell Streak. Since then Dell have been working on an Android powered mobile called the Venue Pro and after the release of WM7 are working on the phone named Thunder. Now to … Read more

Marshall Branded Headphones : Pictures Galore


Whether your a musician or just a music lover Marshall Amplification is a brand you’ll recognise with it’s iconic logo and black and gold colours. I was chuffed recently to see the re-issue if you will, of the Pure DAB radio branded with the famous amps design and colours. Well now Marshall themselves are hitting the market with two styles of headphone (on-ear and in-ear) and made them in the way only Marshall could.


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Samsung ???? :Android 2.3 “Gingerbread” inbound

Those wonderful chaps at Google’s next edition of Android is due soon and has been titled “Gingerbread”. Full details of whats new are still a bit scarce but what we’ve found out is that Samsung are planning a yet to be named mobile to run the new OS and the speccage looks pretty decent. All … Read more

Samsung Continuum : Galaxy Series Continued

Samsung are getting it so right at the moment, the success of the Galaxy S phone and now the Galaxy Tab the Koreans are going from strength to strength in the competition for top mobile device manufacturer so what’s next? Well they have come out with the next instalment in the Galaxy mobile series with … Read more

Toshiba FOLIO 100

Continuing with the tablet updates from last week, Toshiba recently released the FOLIO 100 on our shores as it’s iPad beater. The price is reasonable at £329 so if you’re looking for a good Christmas present this could be one for you .   Specs Wise : 10.1” 1024×600 multi-touch capacitive touchscreen Android 2.2 Froyo … Read more

PSP Phone

As asked in the previous post, where next for Sony and its PSP. With the rise of the mobile phone and certainly how quickly the tech has developed within them to produce good games and applications is that the market Sony should take on with its PSP. Obviously Sony are a big player already in the mobile phone market since its acquisition of Ericsson mobile some years ago but now with the decline of Nokia and the rise of Apple and the iPhone, Sony has to come up with something else to compete. The main draw of the iPhone is obviously the AppStore and it’s ability to handle 3D graphics for gaming. Sony make good phones but also they make the PSP, put the two together and hopefully you could see a real iPhone rival. click on for more images and info



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