7Digital / Blackberry Music Store App Launched

7Digital will be the default music app for Blackberry users thanks to a deal signed up between the two companies. 7 Digital which recently had 50% of it bought by HMV offers 100% DRM-free downloads and has a rather extensive library.   The price war between 7Digital and iTunes has started already with 7Digital cutting … Read more

Toshiba TV : Powered by PS3 processor

For those of us that didn’t know, Toshiba helped develop the Cell processor with Sony which powers the PS3. Now Toshiba re taking the tech into its new TV, the “Regza 55X1” LCD TV. The processor improves the quality of the image with better colours, brightness balance and improved picture quality around the edge of … Read more

Sony Developing a TV,……. without a Plug!

We’ve talked before about gadgets supplying wireless electricity. Palm’s touchstone, The Powermat and Dell’s new Latitude Laptop, utilise the technology to charge or power themselves without the need for a straight to the mains connection. Sony has got it’s boffins working on the efficiency of wireless power, enough to power a whole television, ideal for … Read more