Samsung 12MP Phone with Optical Zoom

SCH-W880 is the name for the new phone from the Korean masters. As per usual they were trying to keep details “hush hush” but someone somewhere got hold of press material prior to when they should have. The leaked info, an advert, suggests that the phone will be released shortly but no exact date, and no exact place.


The advert in question however is branded with Korea’s “Anycall” logo which suggests that the W880 will definitely be out in South Korea soon but doesn’t tell us when and if its coming out here in Britain. However Samsung have never been stingy to us Brits and it wouldn’t be surprising if it was out over here sooner rather than later.


Specs :

  • 12MP with 3x Optical Zoom
  • 3.3” WVGA AMOLED screen
  • microSD
  • Wi-Fi
  • GPS
  • Bluetooth

Click on to see the advert.

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New Alienware Laptop and 2 Desktops


Recently Alienware were telling us that they were planning some new rigs for us to drool over but were keeping tight lipped on the details. However those lovely father figures at Dell let slip some details on the first of those that we’ll look at that. The Alienware M15x Laptop is the epitomy of a max power gaming laptop. As with all Alienware kit (who doesn’t love building ridiculously good PC’s that we could only buy with monopoly money) its a bit pricey. The barebones laptop starts at £1,199 but this can skyrocket with added features. Read on for more

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Continuing on iPods

As the unveiling has passed for another year from Apple and as we all knew and expected another year of new iPods. Now obviously I’m all for new technology and gadgets(hence why i write on a blog about them) but I’m getting to a stage of frustration where every year Apple bring out a new set of iPods that aren’t really much better than the last generation. Well this year they haven’t disappointed with only slight changes, but the nano seems to get the major upgrade. Click on for all the info

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iPod classic gets 160GB capacity boost

Many people though that the iPod Classic may get discontinued however Apple have announced that the Classic is getting an upgrade to 160GB. According to Apple, that’s enough room for 40,000 songs. Aside from that, it’s the same deal. Same size, same shape, same software. Pricing will remain the same.

IFA: Sony Vaio X netbook

At the very end of the press conference Fujio Nishida announced the new Sony Vaio X netbook. He was very vague about specific details but the Vaio X is a gorgeous 14mm thick, sub 700g, carbon fibre netbook.

At the moment specifications are very thin on the ground but a fellow blogger (sorry I didn’t get his name!) commented on it being the new Pineview N450 CPU and 2GB of Ram.

I managed to play with it for a few minutes and I found it very responsive, granted there wasn't really very much installed on the machine so there was not much to slow it down but initial impressions are very good.

There is no word on pricing but I am hoping it will be somewhere between the Vaio P pricing and a traditional netbook like the Mini 9. If it was £400-500 I could be very tempted with one of these but I think that maybe wishful thinking!


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IFA: Sony Make.Believe Marketing BS

Ok I thought I may as well get this out of the way first. One of the main points of Sir Howard Stringer’s (CEO and President of Sony) talk was the announcement of make.believe (Make Dot Believe) which is Sony’s new group wide brand message. All I can say about this is what a load … Read more

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