Sony X Series Noise Cancelling Technology

The Sony X Series walkman is now available to order on Amazon. The NWZX1060B 32GB version is currently listed at £229.99. The NWZX1050B 16GB version is available for £179.99   In the next few months we should be seeing the release of Sony’s new flagship X series Walkman. From its features it looks like it … Read more

Rumour: PS3 Price Cut Soon

Mike Hickey from Janco Partners, a set of Analysts, is claiming that Sony needs to hack $100 off the price of the PS3 [bringing it down to $299] to make it more popular with cash-strapped consumers and that the cut is imminent. In a note to investors, Hickey wrote: “Recent channel checks indicate increased speculation … Read more

Philips Prestigo SRT9320 remote control announced

Philips has expanded its range of Prestigo universal remote controls with the new Prestigo STR9320. Personally I use the Logitech Harmony One but I find it has one major flaw and that is the lack of dedicated coloured buttons which are used on TVs and Sky in the UK. The Prestigo STR9320 has fewer buttons … Read more

SEVEN mobile messaging solution now supports Android

Anything that adds some new functionality to Android sounds good to me. SEVEN is the first Android solution to address both personal and business mobile email—along with calendars and contacts—on one intuitive and integrated client interface. The SEVEN Android client is available today for carriers and device manufacturers who plan to embed mobile email solutions … Read more

Review: Sony’s flagship headphones MDR-XB700

Last week Sony announced their new line of headphones, the XB series. These new headphones are designed to deliver the lowest ever bass. The range includes and an in ear range consisting of the MDR-XB20EX and MDR-XB40. The other headphones all traditional closed-typ headphones and have a King size ear cushion and wide headband for … Read more

Windows Mobile 6.5 Details

Well Microsoft have finally announced Windows Mobile 6.5 at the Mobile World Conference. They also announced several other services including: MyPhone – MyPhone is a free online service that lets Windows Mobile 6.5 users sync their data to the cloud. The data it will synch includes SMS, media files, contacts etc. However it will not … Read more

HTC Touch Diamond2 and Touch Pro2

HTC has just gone and announced updates to their ever-popular handsets, the Touch Diamond and Touch Pro. The Touch Diamond2, as you might have guessed, is the new Touch Diamond. It adds a larger display (3.2" WVGA with touch sensitive zoom bar), a new and improved TouchFLO 3D and 5 megapixel camera. All in an updated and refined exterior casing.

The Touch Pro2 is the real attention grabber. The Touch Pro2 is a mash-up of the TyTN II, the Touch HD, and the Touch Pro. It will include a tilting screen, 3.6″ WVGA screen, brand new TouchFLO 3D which apparently uses HTC’s Straight Talk which combines all communication into a fluid UI.

Both Handsets are due to appear around Q2 in Europe.

Images of the HTC Touch Pro2


touchpro2-htc-per03Image of the HTC Touch Diamond


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